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compatibility of Phantom 4 Pro with Pix4DCapture

Hello with all the team of Pix4d,

Cheer for the perfect work which you make!!!

I come towards you because I have a very important mission that I must carry out during the first week of February and for this mission I would need to use our 3 DJI phantoms 4 Pro.

Could you say to me or be confirmed if your application is or will be operational for our mission with our phantoms 4 Pro.
And if it is not operational, in how long will it be it?

I specify that we work with shelves APPLE (ios)

Thank you by advance for your prompt responses and invaluable




Hi Arnaud,

The Phantom 4 Pro will soon be on our list drones to fly with Pix4Dcapture. The testing phase was a bit delayed but we expect to release:

  • Stable Android app supporting P4P before end of January.
  • Stable iOS app supporting P4P not before mid-February.

Note this is a rough estimation and that it might be subjected to changes that we cannot predict since several factors are involved. Rest assured that our dedicated developers have the Phantom 4 Pro support as a top priority.


It seems that the new version for android is out now…