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compatibility of Phantom 4 Pro with Pix4DCapture

Dear All

Does the DJI Phantom 4 Pro will compatible to Pix4DCupture software app?


Hello Rojgar, 

Regarding Phantom 4 Pro it is in our pipeline to have the Phantom 4 Pro in our list of supported drones with Pix4Dcapture, however, we are not able to give a timeline for this integration.

The new DJI SDK 3.5 (what allows the communication between the app and the drone’s firmware), which supports Phantom 4 Pro has just been released by DJI. We will work on it as soon as we have the drones in our office. If we receive it soon, we could support it mid-January on Android and a bit later on iOS (rough estimation).

Best Regards, 

Dear All,

Can you give us some news on the compatibility with the Phantom4 Pro? Do you know when it will be released?


Best Regards,

Hi Alann,

We would say the new Android app will be released by the end of the week or the one after.
Note this is an estimation and we are unfortunately not able to be more precise.


still waiting for the iOS for the phantom 4 pro… the Samsung s7s edge is not capable to work with it.

do you have more precise time for the iOS version?

Hello Eran,

In the latest iOS version 1.6.1 is released and Phantom 4 Pro is supported. You will find the release notes here.

Best Regards, 



Pix4DCapture Android App was released ?


Hi Joao,

Yes, indeed :).
Here are the release notes:


Ok, but how to install it in Phantom 4 PRO Plus (Remote Control with built tablet)?


Hi Joao,

Phantom 4 Pro+ is not supported on Android and iOS version of the app. This drone comes with a special remote controller that has an integrated screen. It is not supported at the moment because the DJI controller is for now a closed system that cannot work with third-party apps.


It has been 7-8 months since the last post for this.  I have a Phantom 4 pro plus and need to know if it is in the works or not to open the system to allow Pix4D Capture to be loaded on to the Android system.


Hi Brent,

I recommend that you follow the main thread on this topic so you will be notified by mail in case there is an update. For now the status has not changed.

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