Phantom 3 Professional App compatibility

I’m sure it has already been answered but…I am wondering if the capture APP will work with the phantom 3 yet? if not any idea when it will be compatible?

Hi Eric,

The App doesn’t work with the Phantom 3 yet. I believe PIX4D has said they have a prototype working, but it hasn’t been released yet. I see there was a new version released today, but Phantom 3 support isn’t listed in the updates. I’m hoping it will be soon.

I have flown my Phantom 3 and taken pictures manually, then used Mapper to stitch the images together and it worked really well. The only hard part is taking the photos manually and planning a good flight path manually.

Hello All,

  • For the DJI Phantom 3 Pro and Inspire 1 soon we have ready our capture app but we cannot give an estimation of the time.
  • For the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, it will comes after.
  • For the Parrot Bebop it is planned to added it but we are not sure when this will come.

Please note that drones are sensitive and is a new technology so we may encounter some stones in the path to build and we need good testing before launch a version.

As soon as we have them ready, it will be announced in:

At the same time, when the iOS version supports Free Flight and/or Responsive Flight Grid, it will be announced in: