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Phantom 3 pro ios?

Any updates on when P3 Pro will have capture app?

Sold p2v+, need capture app for P3 Pro.

no android, sold tablet due to inability to see screen in sunlight, poor performance and capture app not being nearly as good on android as it was when working on iOS.

Spoke with someone in Support and they said it would come out a few weeks after the Android version is available.

Any status updates for the iOS version? Looks like a lot of input fron the droid crowd that will need to be fixed after the iOS version makes the scene.

I think a stable version for Android is coming out first, and then iOS will be released?

I am aware that they are developing a android version first.

It has been a number of months, since Pix4d stated that they were going to have IOS version available.

The droid version doesn’t sound like it’s coming along very well. I get numeroussupport/forum updates daily, and it isn’t looking good.

I personally think we need an IOS version now, so we can start getting it working. In the past the droid version was never as polished as the IOS version. Just my opinion.


Is IOS working yet?

Hi all,

We are glad to announce the release of the long awaited version of iOS Pix4Dcapture that supports new drones including Phantom 3 and Inspire 1!

Here is the corresponding forum post:
You will find details about the procedure if needed.

Best regards,