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Phantom3 Beta - IOS?

When is the IOS beta for Phantom3 going to happen?

Hi Steven,

Currently there is no beta version for iOS. Unfortunately, the Apple Store does not allow us to publish beta versions as easily as for Android on the Google Play Store.

Moreover, the development of the Android version started before the iOS version and iOS is still catching up with the features on Android. Soon with the iOS version it will be possible to change the altitude with the new interface similarly to the current Android version.


I would also love to know if there are any updates!

Hi Steven and Einat,

there were some severe issues on DJI side with their SDK, both for Android and IOS: basically they were advertising that it would work out of the box, but they had some issues that made their SDK crash during flight. Our developpers are right now at DJI’s office for a hackaton to help them fixing this, and that should make things move forward.

A workaround for now is to update your P3 to the latest firmware version (to fix a geotagging issue), and then use DJI Pilot app and try to fly as much as possible in a grid pattern using a timer for the camera. Then transfer the image from the sdcard to your computer and use Pix4Dmapper to process your imagery.

In parallel to that, we have another team that has been working hard adding exciting new features to the capture app, but we will unveil them only once the P3 & I1 will work flawlessly.

You can follow our latest efforts on this thread:–Android-Beta-Phantom-3-Professional-Advanced-and-Inspire-1?locale=en-us

best regards,

Interestingly Autoflight logic have a working and very good ios app in beta (which I am testing), with working point to point fully auto control.
Perhaps you should employ them to do your ios work. They don’t seem to have had the trouble you have described.

I have been doing the manual fly-in-a-grid for a while, which does work, but sometimes ending up with uneven overlap. So I hope you can get something out for ios soon.

An issue which I’m sure will arise is when planning a mission… the ground imagery in the app from digitalglobe is very out of date. Do you have an alternative like google or nearmaps? maybe you could add a toggle somewhere for the source of satellite base…

Any updates on the phantom 3 support for IOS?

Dear Benito and Steven,

Right now, it is not possible to change the background imagery to another map service due to technical reasons. We will relay your suggestion to the developers to see if it is feasible to add this possibility.

Unfortunately, we do not have a release date for the iOS app compatible with the Phantom 3.

Best regards,

I am disappointed to see it take so long to release an iOS app with Phantom 3 support. 


It was promised by the end of May, making it 6 months overdue.

Chuck, I am right there with you.  Due to the length of time, I have started using the Maps Made Easy, Map Pilot app for iOS.

It has some very nice planning functions if you don’t require free flight. You can then actually process images in pix4d with very good results on Windows machine. I processed same data on the Mac version and it wasn’t as good, ortho was not as clear, map in processing background missing tiles, etc. Have no idea what that issue might be. It’s considered beta, so it will be a couple of years before it is functional!! 

Bad part of all of this is the android beta will be dictating the iOS functionality. The first iOS version for p2v+ was really nice and polished, then it started mimicking the android version, and wasn’t and last time I used it, near as nice as the first one.

based on the length of time p3 has been in android beta, might as well not put iOS version out. We will all be flying something else by the time they get it out of beta.



Dear Chuck and Richard,

We honestly thought the Capture App would be compatible sooner with these drones on iOS but some issues were actually underestimated.

The Capture App is free of charge and aims at assisting our users regarding the image acquisition plan. However it is not required in order to obtain good results since Pix4Dmapper can process images taken from any drone/camera combination.

Ideally we would like to give more precise updates but it is important to meet our commitments regarding the deadlines. This does not depend solely on us but on many exterior factors that make planning and estimation difficult. Hence we are not able to define a release date.

We are also aware of the professional duty of our users and that you have to stand by your commitments. We understand your frustration.
Please rest assured that we are working in this direction and are doing our best to satisfy our users.

As for the Mac version of Pix4Dmapper, you can write feedback and discuss your issues using this post:

Best regards,