Pix4Dcapture in IOS for Phantom 3Pro

Hello everyone!
I am looking for pix4dCapture software in IOS for my Phantom 3Pro, because this is not compatible with pix4dCapture Pro.
I tried these two links, but they don’t work:


Many thanks for everything!

Hi @luciasolgeo,
Welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake:.

From October 3rd, 2023, PIX4Dcapture is no longer available from the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

We are now only offering our new flight app: PIX4Dcapture Pro. If you have questions on the difference between PIX4Dcapture and PIX4Dcapture Pro, please have a look here: Differences between PIX4Dcapture and PIX4Dcapture Pro.

PIX4Dcapture will continue working as usual on the devices where it is already installed. New installations of the app will not be possible.

Kind regards,