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Can not bind Phantom 3 Pro with Pix4D-Capture !


I bought a Phantom Professional 3 for the sole purpose of using Pix4D-Capture.
I installed Pix4D-Capture on my iPad. Can not bind Phanton 3 Pro with Pix4D-Capture!

I am looking for on your site, and I finally found, well hidden, important information:
“Coming Soon …”
“For the DJI Phantom 3 Inspire Pro and 1 soon ready we-have app capture our goal we can not give an estimate of the time.”
“The release of the DJI’s SDK Was a bit delayed implementing our aim shoulds be consistent with the Inspire 1 and the Phantom 3 Professional as possible by the end of May.” May 2015 !!!

What ??? Why announce that Pix4D-Capture works with Phanton 3 Pro, then it’s wrong ??

This is the false advertising !! Almost a scam!
What should I do with the Phantom 3 Pro which serve strictly to anything ??
What are you planning to do ? I repay the purchase of Phantom 3 Pro?

I expect an answer and especially a solution soon, otherwise I will complain against your Company Information for false advertising.

Thank you in advance for all users in my case.


We are glad to announce the release of the long awaited version of iOS Pix4Dcapture that supports new drones including Phantom 3 and Inspire 1!

Here is the corresponding forum post:
You will find details about the procedure if needed.

Best regards,