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New DJI Smart Controller

Han encontrado alguna solución


Ryan, I just tried to download litchi from google play store but I was not able to download the the app through an APK downloader because it’s a paid app - how did you install it? would be great to know - thanks a lot

The app must be installed using either the Google Play store or the Amazon App store. The Amazon App store is easier to install on the SC. There are several video tutorials out there on how to install both of them.

Law enforcement, public safety agencies and private business are rapidly accepting the Smart Controller. Not only for the brighter screen but also the cold and hot weather enhanced operations (as compared to a tablet) and the HDMI out. Mapping as a large part of the work public safety is doing. The current Mavic Enterprise 2 is not ideal as it has a zoom camera and lower resolution (12 mp) but it uses the pilot app on the Smart Controller with built in “Mission Flight” were you can do nice mapping flights.
The Mavic Pro 2 (Non Enterprise version) has the camera capability needed for quality forensic mapping but when using the DJI Smart Controller there is no mapping function (Pilot all will not work) and mapping apps for the smart controller are not working. The solution seems so simple and there is such a great need. DJI recently released the SDK for the smart controller - why is Pix4D not capitalizing on developing a flight app for the Smart Controller. DJI does not allow the Pilot App to run on the Smart Controller with non Enterprise aircraft such as the Mavic 2 Pro. Amazing to me the lack of interest from two successful companies that should be working together to get this sorted out.
We need a mapping option with the Smart Controller for the Mavic Pro 2.

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Hello Christopher,

I really thank you for the detailed feedback about the DJI Smart controller. It has been reported to the Product Owner and developers team so that they consider to implement a support for it in the future.

It seems hard to believe that I started this thread on January 17th this year and there has been no solution - from both sides.

I am a pilot for a public safety agency in California, and we use the Mavic 2 Enterprise and smart controller for the reasons listed above. We are eager to get involve with Pix4D React, but we are at this impasse…

My research group has purchased a Smart Controller for its cold temperature rating for flying in the Canadian Arctic. We are using the UgCS flight planning software. I can get the UgCS for DJI app loaded on the Smart Controller, and it shows a connection with the UgCS software on the laptop. But it will not connect to the Mavic 2 Pro. Same issue as above. UgCS tech support indicated to me on Dec 4th 2019 that ‘their development team has decided to work on smart controllers. However, they cannot tell me even an approximate timeline on how long it will take to fix this issue’.

I am now in the process of trying to find a ‘smart-phone’ that has excellent battery life and good cold temperature ratings/specifications. But I am having little luck in this department. Does anyone have a suggestion for a phone that will keep operating -10C temperatures?

I have successfully installed Pix4D capture and Ctrl+DJI on the smart controller on jan 14 2020. The link light was green the “connected” notification appeared. Next step, to try it outside!


Any news? Did it worked?

Im waiting for good weather to go outside (living in canada in january = cold and Snowy)

brrrrr it must be really cold, understandable, we will wait for it, hope it is good news.


Good news! It worked flawlessly. I managed to fly my first mission with the smart controller and pix4d capture! Next step…to upload pictures and to create a mosaic.

I also have installed the APK for Ctrl+DJI snd Pix4Dcapture on my smart controller for my Mavic 2 pro. I turn on the drone, turn on my smart controller, launch the Ctrl+DJI, it only has one page to look at and within that page I see the drone status it says connecting, it’s green, then changes to disconnected. Everything is updated to the latest firmware, I can provide versions if needed. What other steps h you taken to make yours work?

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Did you installed the apps via the google play store?

Hi - I got it to work! It had to be the exact version of ctrl+dji which was 1.9.7. I will be testing it today to be sure.

Bonjour, quelle est la procédure d’installation que vous avez suivie? j’ai grand besoin de vos versions.

Hi all,

I have installed latest firmware by DJI assistant 2, using SD card I have installed CTRL+DJI ver. 1.9.9 and Pix4D ver. 4.8.0 to my SC. I have connected to my Mavic 2 Pro. Seems that everything works properly. The only problem is video feed. It works only the first time when tap the screen option. When I go to map and then back to screen then is black window. Any idea ?

Hi Peter
Have you resolved this issue?
The Smart Controller does work with Pix4d, but you need the latest versions of Pix4D and DJI software installed.
When you get it working you will find the next issue is out of focus photo’s
This can be corrected with a workaround.
Start in DJI GO and set the focus for the height you are working in and lock in manual mode. this prevents Pix4D from screwing up the focus. You need the drone connected to do this. Exit out of DJI and go into Pix4D. It appears that if you are already connected, there is no need to go through DJI CTRL. You can then start and fly the mission in Pix4D autonomously.