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Images un-calibrating after rematch and optimise

I am having an issue with images in my project becoming uncalibrated after re-matching and optimising. I have merged multiple projects without any issue. 

When adding the latest section, everything looks fine - all images are fully calibrated in the new merged project until I re-match and optimise - then the entire data set becomes uncalibrated… Any suggestions on how to overcome this would be greatly appreciated!

New Data Set


After Project Merge, but Before Rematch and Optimise


Plenty of Key Points / Automatic Tie Points


After Rematch and Optimise


No longer any automatic Tie Points


Any Ideas??

Hi Sam,

Could you try Reopzimizing the project instead of Rematch and Optimize? Do some of the images still get uncalibrated?

As mentioned in the How to merge projects article:

16. If more than one blocks are created, connect the blocks together by adding Manual Tie Points in the intersection / common area between the subprojects following: How to import and mark Manual Tie Points (MTPs).
17. On the Menu bar, click  Process > Reoptimize. (Even if only one block was generated directly after step 14, it is recommended to Reoptimize).


Thanks Blaž

Thats where I was going wrong… all working well now