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how to rematch a few photos

Hi all,

I have a large project (14k photos) taken with a micasense rededge-m.  I ran the mission in 4 parts, and I was initially unsuccessful in calibrating all the images in one go.  Instead, I’ve now calibrated each individual flight separately and then merged the projects.  This has worked better.  However, after one initial rematch-and-reoptimize run, i still one group of images that are poorly oriented (as you can see in the attached image).  Is there any way I can force these images to be rematched by resetting their positions and orientations to the initial assumptions and starting again?

I see the “uncalibrate” button when clicking on the images… do I have to uncalibrate them all, one by one by hand, and then rematch again?  Is there any way to dig into the config files and do this?  It’s a series of photos, so would be easy to do if I could find the right place to make the alteration.  Doing it by clicking one-by-one will be a major pain…



can i get any love on this issue?

Hello Alexander,

The best way to calibrate those images would be by adding manual points and reoptimize.

Anyway, you mention that the project was divided into 4. I would check if those images had such a wrong orientation in the first project and try to fix them before the merge.

I hope this answer helps you.