Initial Processing- Uncalibrated/disabled cameras

After initial processing I get results with uncalibrated and disabled cameras. I believe it is because I need to manually input gcp’s for the cameras but I am not getting the option to do so. 
I spent yesterday and a little bit of Wednesday reading forums about similar issues and saw that some people do advanced processing and adjust image size but when I do so it makes the results worse. 
Currently we hit 95% calibration and 10,000 matching key points which isn’t terrible, but after steps 2 and 3 there’s evident stitching issues. 
My only other thought is that maybe it is a possible coverage issue, but we’ve done other flights with he same settings and got solid results. 
Wondering if it would be possible to send my images in and have you guys see if you can find a solution.

Also, I tried to attatch the report pdf but it appears to be too large to attach 
Richard Gonzini


Could you write a support ticket so that so we can look into the details and find some solution? You can mention the community post in the ticket, also you can upload the quality report, logfile and p4d file in a google drive folder or any other sharing platform and send me the link in the support ticket.

Hi Momtanu, 

I tried to create a support ticket the other day but I got a response saying that my license no longer allowed me to use the personal support feature.

ID for the request was 74099. 

I’ve attached a link with project folders for the two projects I’m encountering the issue with.


P.s. In regards to the account, this is for a Marquette University research group, and I am a student currently utilizing it. 

Much appreciated,

Rich G.


This is the result I got using ag multispectral template. There are stitching issues because it is water. Photogrammetry is not very easy for water bodies. If you see the keypoint matches in the QR, you will see the matches are really low (the graph should be black for a good project). It is suggested to take images that contain water with some land (30% of land minimum). Let me know if you have any questions.