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99% Cameras uncalibrated; How to Calibrate them??

Having successfully Created a project and run through Processing 1 stage, added GCP’s and reoptimized, there was some irregular “curvature” to my project. After going through GCP’s and re-matching/locating more exactly, I am somehow now left with ALL CAMERAS (except 5 or so of 2144) being uncalibrated (ie RED). They were 99% GREEN before.

How do i resolve this? Running Stage 1 again only resolves the 5 calibrated cameras data and one GCP in that area.

Hi Graeme,

Have you perhaps altered the camera model parameters at all?  Can you also share what camera/uav you are using and also a quality report from the processing?   How accurate of a GPS did you use for GCP data collection?  I’m sure 5ere is a logical reason for the sudden change.

Best Wishes,


Hi Graeme,

Did things workout with your images?