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Calibration/optimization issue

Hi Guys. Today we are having a calibration/optimization issue on multiple jobs. Version 4.6.4. The first job adding all GCPs then re-running step 1 fixed it but the job in the photo is still having issues. Oddly enough it looks right when using no GCPs at all but keeps doing this with them.

Any help would be great

Hello, could you please upload the 2 quality reports, one with the GCPs and one without the GCPs?

Thank you


No issues with GCPs (Even though it looks like it must be)
Choosing Geometrically Verified matching in advanced options Step 1 has fixed the issue but I am frustrated about why this has happened suddenly

I have completed around 300 projects with Pix4d and have never had to choose this option in the past.
Having this issue on 2 projects has cost me considerable time and money and made me question Pix4d’s current reliability.

Is this a version issue?
Or should all projects have this option ticked now?