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Issues with camera positions after picking GCP's

After a successful initial process and selection of GCP’s within the image set using the basic editor, after re-optimizing the tie points produce a linear grid pattern as well as the issue displayed in the images below. 

Previously to combat the issue I have either re-started the whole process or I have selected the GCP’s on more images and re-optimized, however for this particular job i have not been able to use either. 

Please note the GCP’s are on an arbitrary localized datum and the shift from the camera locations is rather large.


Hi Matt,

Would you mind to share some details and files of your project? 

Questions which we have for you:

  • In which version did you create this project?
  • Have you used another version of the software to continue with the processing?
    We have observed a similar isolated case when the project has been initially created in 3.X.X  and then re-processed in 4.X.X. If this is the case could you please try to re-create the project from scratch in the latest available version and process step 1 and 2 and see if this behaviour persists?

We can investigate the issue you are experiencing if you upload your project to Pix4D Cloud as described in our article how to upload project files from desktop to cloud.

Thank you in advance

The project was all processed in version 4.3.31.

I have tried it using 4.4.9 preview version with the same result.

If I pick the GCP’s prior to running step 1 then it works fine. I have just had the same thing happen on a different job.


I tried to upload to the cloud but there is an error because we keep the images on an external hard drive and it doesn’t like that

Hi Matt,

How many images does this project have?

If you agree you can store the data in our OneDrive and we will process this project from our end. (I sent you a link to your email)

Just please remember to zip the data before you upload to the OneDrive otherwise we will have some problem downloading them.
And don’t forget the .p4d file :wink:

Thank you in advance!