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Pix4D Desktop v4.3.27 having coordinate problems when opening older projects

We have some projects we completed with the previous version of Pix4D desktop that used fixed baselines with our local coordinate system (JAD2001/Metric Grid with arbitrary vertical coordinate system).  When have not touched these projects.  Now when we open this same project using the latest release of Pix4D desktop (v4.3.27), we are getting a vertical offset with the stock pile base lines (see screen print attached).  

This is obviously a bug in the software. 

Is anyone else having the same issues? 

This is a critical issue as we now can not process any projects that use baselines that we normally import. 


Hi Christopher,

As you already mentioned, we observed some issues with vertical offsets in the latest version of Pix4Dmapper. Our developers are looking into it and are working on providing a fix as soon as possible. 

For now, I would recommend using the previous stable version, 4.2.27, as we did not observe the issue there. The 4.2.27 version can be downloaded here: 

The latest improvements and bug fixes will be published here: 


Thank you Blaz, 

Understand this issue has caused our company major issues.  We now have to reprocess over 80 projects with the older version of Pix4D.  We just lost 2-3 days of work for a large multinational client.  Really hope better testing is done prior to releasing software updates. 


Christopher Haddad 


Same trouble here with the version v4.3.27

Other trouble : when I recalculate the files with the new version, after the initial process, I place my GCP points, then validate the window, then reoptimize, the tie point disappears from the OpenGL view.

it appeared in full course with students. not very good :wink:

so back to the version 4.2.27.


@All, we created a community post where we will post the latest updates about [Desktop] [Pix4Dmapper 4.3.27] Project shift when reopening a project .

@Vallez, if the shift after introducing the GCPs is very big, it can happen that the view needs to be recentered again. Could you check if you can see the project when selecting one object in the Layer section and use the hotkey  F?  More information in the An object is located far from the model article.


of course I did that ;)   ( F and the plane icon) I only see the GCP on black screen, but not the tie point. I’m working now on the 4.2.27. version and all is good.