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Project shift when reopening a project


We discovered some issues when reopening projects in the latest Pix4Dmapper version (4.3.27). Some users can notice a shift in the image geolocation, GCPs and MTPs :

The issue can affect some project where volumes will be shifted as well.

We recommend following the technical release notes to be updated with the latest improvements and bug fixes: Pix4D Desktop release notes

In case that you face this issue, we recommend reoptimizing the project once more before processing Step 2. and Step 3. 

Since this is a recent bug, and we do not expect the same behavior with the previous version 4. 2. 27 that can be downloaded here:

Our team is already working on it in order to provide a fix as soon as possible. 


We would like to inform you that the issue where some projects, created with versions 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3, had a horizontal and vertical offset is fixed in the version 4.3.31.

The latest version is available on the Pix4D download page. 

More in the Pix4D Desktop release notes.


ah, the only version I can install is the 4.3.24 due to the problem with windows 10


But the last version I can download but not install is 4.3.31.

HI Micheal,

If I understand correctly, you can download the version where this specific issue is fixed (4.3.31) but cannot install it because of the expired certificate issue?

Did you try the suggested workaround (2. Installing a Pix4D desktop application with the old certificate)? Does it work?