Problem with Version 4.3.27


I have a problem with the last version (4.3.27).

I’m trying to open projects created with Pix4d 4.1.25 but in the new version they are not aligned with the GCPs…Does anybody know why I have this problem?

Is there a way to avoid processing again Step 2 and 3??

Thank you so much


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I have the same problem. The volumes they are not aligned with the 3d mesh

Hi all,

We’re currently investigating this issue and I’ll send you more information once I get updates.


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I have that same problem. this is the chronic issue after Pix4d version update.

Can we rollback the update? we are having the same issue while in the middle of a project that needs to go out ASAP. 

Yes, you can. 

  1. Go to our website here.
  2. Click on the Windows/Linux icon.
  3. The version 4.2.27 will start to download.

The thing is all the proyects that were open in the newest version (altough i didn’t upgrade the version of the software to the proyect)  can’t be opened in the 4.3.27 version. It keeps on oping up the error e0400C.

Should we use notepad++ to modify something? Wich line?

Unfortunately, this time it seems to be not enough to just change a p4dversion in the p4d file. 

Our developers are currently reviewing the affected projects to find a solution or a workaround. 

I’ll keep you posted here once I get more updates.


Hi all!

I am getting back to you to inform you that the new version of  Pix4Dmapper 4.3.31  with bug fix is out! 

You can download it from our website Pix4D Desktop preview and technical release notes.