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Error Message

Every time I try to open a project I did yesterday I keep getting this message.  Why would I be getting this message on a project I just did on this version? 


I am having the same problem - its annoying I do not want to reprocess my older files.


Yes it is VERY annoying when you have to redo a project! I’m wondering if it is a bug in the 2.1.47 version.  It didn’t start happening until I downloaded this version.  Is this the latest version, or is there another one out that might fix this issue?


Hello Wade,

Could you please give us some more information: 

  • with which version did you process your project?

  • which version are you currently using? 

- are you defining the site calibration? 

  • could you please update Pix4Dmapper and open your project with the latest version 2.1.51? 

  • can you send us the original .p4d file in


Best Regards, 



Michael, and anybody else having the same issues, this is what I have received back from Pix4D, and it seems to work.  Since I have been using version 2.1.51 I have not had it happen.  I went back to the projects I created with the 2.1.47 version, and did this to them and it seems to have fixed it.