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Cannot open project

While opening the pix4d file it shows the error that “cannot open project” with some error code. I have checked the pix4d version, reinstalled the software, no use at all it seems no fault from our side. Find the screenshot attached


I would have some questions for you. 

  1. In which version did you create that project?
  2. Which version of Pix4Dmapper are you using now?
  3. Could you ensure that your .p4d file is not corrupted by opening it in the NotePad and checking it the file is unaffected?


1.) Latest version ie. 4.4.12

2.) the same version ie. 4.4.12

3.) No one have modified the file. So there is no chance for file corruption

I have seen the forum and done all the work around method suggested for the same error but none of them seems the proper solution for this problem. As we have purchased for the commercial purpose ,this kind of errors have a huge impact on the project deadline. I request PIX4D for a reliable answer for this problem.


Please submit a ticket to the Pix4D Support Team referring to this community post and send us your entire project to our OneDrive here. Please, remember to zip all the files before uploading. Otherwise, we might not receive it in total.