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Cannot open project

When processing data last week, the project was saved but later it wasn’t possible to open the same project. Subsequently, we have been unable to open any of our previous projects.

The log has 2 errors:

[Error]: XML file validation failed with XSD: C:/Program Files/Pix4Dmapper/resources/xsd/17/pix4d.xsd
[Error]: Error e0400b: Cannot open project Z:/Pix4D training/Phase1_complete/SheepwalksWest_12092017_RGB.p4d. Invalid format.

We tried the solution on the Pix4D website

However the source code is already correct when we do the fix in Notepad++

We are using version 4.0.25. A colleague at another organisation has been able to open my most recent project. He is using version 4.1.24.

Our support and upgrade expired in November 2017 but as this is a perpetual licence this shouldn’t mean that we are now unable to open projects.

I would appreciate some help with this.



Hi Jorge,

Could you please share the project file (.p4d)? If you do not wish to share it on the community, open a support request and attach it.

After the upgrade I can not open my project. Greg

Hi Greg,

Have you processed your project in the Cloud?
If so, when you upload only the images, the latest version of the software (now 4.3.31) will process your images.
If you upload it from the Pix4Dmapper Desktop version, it will be processed with the same version than your Desktop version.
Therefore, if you have uploaded your project from the desktop with an older version and that you try to open with the latest version it could lead to this error.

Can you give more details on the steps that lead to this error? Can you open other projects? Or only this one?