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Error e0400e

[Error]: XML file validation failed with current XSD

[Error]: Error converting p4d file: Initial tag not expected


[Error]: Error e0400e: Cannot open project M:/FTP_3D/choi/AChasSan/20160929/160929_001/160929_001.p4d. Cannot convert the project file to the latest format.


Eviroment : Same 2.1.53 version


What’s problem?

Hello Lee,

We would recommend you to use the latest version 2.2.25 to open your project.

Our latest versions have many improvements and various bug fixes. 

Best Regards, 


hi, i have similar problem, ERROR e0400e, when finish any proyect and close the software, open pix4d whit the  same proyect and always see the error, my version is 2.1.61, any idea how can fix that???

Hey Max,

Which version did you use when you first create your project? 

Which version are you currently using? 

Can you send us the .p4d file by submitting a request here:


Best Regards, 

i have the same question. the created version of the project is 2.0.80 and i want to open the identical project with the new version of 4.0.25. However, it comes the error. should i open the project with an intermediate version?

Hey Christine,

This project seems to be created with a very old version of Pix4D. You should open the project gradually to convert it to the latest file format. 

Let me know if you give it a try. :slight_smile:

¿Cómo se puede recuperar un archivo .p4d dañado?, Con tamaño cero (0), la causa es que se trata de un disco duro completo

How can you recover a damaged .p4d file ?, with size zero (0), the cause is that it is full hard drive

Hello Jesus, 

  • Which version did you use to create this project?
  • Is this file corrupted or is this error from another project? 
  • Have you processed this project before? Can you describe the steps you have followed before receiving this error? 

Can you please share the file with us? 

how do i resolve this problem? a faster solution please. i need to complete my project.

Hi Swathi, 

It looks like you were able to solve the Error e0400g (first screenshot) and the pop-up saying that the location of the images is not defined (second screenshot).

The last warning is because the images were moved from the initial position that is written in the .p4d project file. You can click OK and navigate it to the folder where those images are located.