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Processing GCP's

Further to my previous question on how to handle GPC’s hovering 30 m over the ground on a POI flight. I’ve noted that the GCP locations are also in reverse, i.e. east and west are swapped. We are having difficulty processing a project when we try to enter GCP’s. We have another posted question where we follow your direction, re. GCP’s don’t show up on Images. This marks 3 project now that we have completed and have not been able to process one following the support work flow process. Not sure what we are doing wrong??

Hey Robert,

This sounds like you have not marked the GCPs in the images. Did you use the basic editor to mark the GCPs? Then, the model should adjust to the GCPs. Also, after marking the GCPs you should reoptimize. If not, the GCPs are not taken into account for processing.

Hi Robert,

As Luca said, you should mark the GCPs on the images and then Reoptimize. If it is difficult to mark them using the rayCloud, then you should use the GCP /Manual Tie Point Manager to import them. For step by step instructions:
(see method C).

If this does not work for you, then please send us the quality report of your project at explaining step by step how you processed this project.

Best regards,