5 of 10 GCPs showing same images nowhere near them

I am having issues (in my 3rd project ever, …but not in the past 2) of GCPs being correctly imported, sitting over the project area after Process 1, but when clicking on each GCP (blue circle), different images TO WHERE THAT GCP IS are appearing in the right column for me TO mark. Some images are 100mts away (and cannot be zoomed enough to find gcp) while many (5 of 10 gcps) display the same image set (wrong image set) as they do for another 4 of my gcps. After Process 1, when I click on the image generated JUST NEXT to my HOVERING GCP (blue circle) the image associated with that point of the mission CLEARLY shows the GCP marker I am trying to link to my project, but I cant link it to the now, un selected GCP . If anyone can advise why this is happening, and how to resolve it, I would be most grateful!!! Thanks

I don’t know why this happens, but my work around has been to utilize the GCP/MTP Manager - Basic Editor to assign 2 points to each GCP. I then use the GCP/MTP Manager - rayCloud editor to refine the GCP locations.

Hope that helps you too., Cheers,