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Issue with GCP's

Hi there

I am trying to process a site I captured with my drone and I completed the first stage as well as imported my GCP’s but the GCP’s are above my generated site as can be seen in the image and now because of this I cant select them in any of the images. Please help! I’m not sure if its a issue with my processing or a issue with the GCP’s ?

If the horizontal positioning of the images isn’t to far away from the GCPs, you could easily use the Basic GCP/MTP Editor and mark a few GCP (maybe in each corner of the project area). This should approximately fit your Automatic Tie Points near to the GCPs.

Then reoptimize your project and mark the rest of your GCPs in the raycloud. Of course you may also want to reoptimize your already clicked GCPs.

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Thanks very much for that!! I will give that a shot!!

this can also help:

Thanks very much for the tips!! That is very good to know!! I managed to come right thankfully.