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Processing issue, GCPs are not matching target locations after marking photos

Hello all, thanks for your time. I have been using pix4d for several years, but in the last week have been required to begin processing. My focus has always been merely in editing the point clouds, and utilizing the outputs from pix 4d to create topographic maps.

As I am processing my first few, a few things seem quite off.

As seen in the attached video, the imported GCP’s come in quite a distance away from their associated survey targets indicated with painted crosses.

I would like to determine a best workflow for these.

A&E Topo - 6440 Firmament, Van Nuys - 2-15-21_report.pdf (3.3 MB)

Thank you much

Thank you for the video and the quality report. It is very helpful for us to figure out the issues. Based on the quality report, the GCPs have not been taken into account to the project properly (see the table “Quality Check”, the last raw “no 3DGCP”). I recommend marking the GCPs on the images and reoptimize it. For more information on how to do it, please refer to the link below. Additionally, please make sure that all coordinate systems are set correctly (the images and the GCPs).

How to import and mark ground control points (GCPs)
Menu Process > Reoptimize

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