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GCP's floating in the air



this is my first time using Pix4D. Here it is what I been doing and what I want to accomplish:

I took images with a Phantom 4. I took 5 GCP with a high accuracy GPS unit. After step 1. Initial Processing I add the GCP into the software. I get the following results:

my points are way higher than my point cloud. I am thinking it has to be with the coordinate systems but I am not sure about it. This area is located in northern California coordinates ( State Plane Zone 3). Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance


This is normal.  

We mark a few GCP’s in the Basic Editor, then mark All GCP’s in the Raycloud.  Be sure to “APPLY” your edits.

Start here: 



I did some research after I posted my problem and you are correct. I added marks for every GCP and reoptimize the project. I still need to get better at refining the GCP locations for each image but I got to this point at least. Thank you


Use Pix4DTagger w/ it’s targets and you will never have to find/pick/refine a GCP again.

GCP’s are marked automatically and it works great.