Strange Camera position after Initial process



After initial process i get the following Camera error:


I set the GCP and “Optimized” But still the issue persist, i wonder which would be the cause and how to solve this.

This is causing me wrong DSM info due to those camera alignment.



Thanks In Advance

Looks like a bunch of trees, and like water, very difficult to process but some Advanced Settings in Step 1 may help.

Just a little update.


Since Re-optimize and Rematch and Optimize didn’t seems to fix the problem, i redid the process 1 rewriting everything, leaving GCP in place. I used the advance options as Adam described only changing the Calibration Method to " Accurate Geolocation and Orientation"

After that the first process was fixed, even the GCP were retaken, after that i continue to process steps 2 and 3, to see how it goes.


The only issue i notice it was that created two blocks, but as long the Otho, DSM and DTM is generated like a solid block it doesn’t matter.

I will keep you update if everything goes well.