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Error with cameras


We are using a P4PRTK which is post processed. The coordinates for the photos are good, however I am getting something like the below image happening after Initial Processing.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

Hi @mitchell.pearce, Try the alternative calibration method: Menu Process > Processing Options... > 1. Initial Processing > Calibration – Support

Regards, Jason.

Hi @mitchell.pearce,

Can you please share with us the quality report in a pdf format?


210722_Product_Stockpiles_report.pdf (128.6 KB)

Report attached.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried a few different calibration methods. I guess I am more trying to determine why this may be happening. We follow a process with the UAV, post processing, Pix, etc almost everyday, and it typically works perfectly. But in the last few weeks we have had this occur for no particular reason.


Hi @mitchell.pearce having a quick look at your calibration report, it seems the optimised camera parameters are very different to the initial ones used in this project. You can cross reference the initial and optimised camera parameters from a project that was flown with this camera and has calibrated well.

You might want to check/reload the camera parameters from the exif data from the imported images.

You could also turn geometrically verified matching on.



May I ask at which height did you fly? I noticed that the GSD is only 0.02 cm.
Can you also enable the Use Geometrically Verified Matching option and set Internal Parameters Optimization to All Prior and process step 1 again?

Afterwards please share with us the updated quality report.