This doesnt look right

Long story short I recently manually flew a job, with a P4 RTK, with the camera set to 2 second shutter to ensure I got enough redundancy. The flight was 70m in height and the RTK connected with no issue.
Now i have come to process it i’m meet with the following view and also, the ortho mosaic when it does process is tiny.
Any ideas on what i’ve done/not done and what i could try to fix it without having to back out and refly it?


Hi @Richard_Milner,

Thank you for your message and for sharing pictures of your project.
This can happen using free flight flightplans. I suggest you choose the right flight plan according to your needs:

Make sure that in your Processing Options you select the following:

Please let me know how it goes.

Hi Daniele,

That worked perfectly, thank you so much.

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Hi @Richard_Milner,

Thank you for the feedback. I’m happy to hear that it worked perfectly.

Happy mapping!