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Initial Process: Images out of sequence

I’m having issues with Step 1. I have large “sections” of images that are out of sequence. (See attached screenshots)

Any ideas? I have flown this site plenty of times, and processed exactly the same (image geolocation tags from Propeller) and have never seen something like this.

I have already checked to make sure the image tags match the actual camera position and they are correct, time stamps are correct, but somehow everything is out of order.

Try to run the first step with Geolocation and precise orientation


I use “accurate geolocation and orientation” for calibration method and “all prior” for internal optimization because I’m flying the DJI P4 RTK. I ran step one again and checked “geometrically verified matching” and I got the same result.

I’m trying again with “use capture time” selected. I think my processed image tags are what is causing the error.

What about reduce the size of the images?

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@Brian_Bardwell By out of sequence, do you mean uncalibrated? The flight lines look good to me. Can you try using the ag RGB template?

They were completely out of order which caused them to not calibrate. The flight started on the lower left flight path and ended on the right side of the site (as seen in the screen grab).

I looked at my image tags a little closer because I had done a test process without adding them and the images were in the correct sequence, so I knew the problem was there.

Turns out when I uploaded the images to propeller for PPK processing I was missing about 30 images, so the georeferenced tags were incorrect (when I checked them initially after I noticed a mistake I only spot checked a few random ones which happened to be there, not noticing the missing ones).

Anyway, long story short, I reprocessed the images using the propeller PPK corrections and got a new .csv of the georeferenced image tags and that fixed the problem.

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Hi Brian, Thank you so much for letting us know.