The course is a mess

When I imported the data, the routes on the map were confused
And the default photo order in the Image Geaolocation is also out of order
I tried to change the photo order in the Image Geaolocation,But But it didn’t work.
How to solve this?

This is likely a problem with the time stamps on the images. You might want to look at your drone to see if it is tagging the images correctly.

You’re right. The question is, does it affect my project and my DOM?

hi,are u there?

Hi @adonisyang,

Yes, this can affect the chance of successfully match different images together.
If you have already successfully processed the “Step 1. Initial Processing”, there is no action needed.
If you are having problems in step 1, in particular during matching, I suggest you go into the Processing Options > Step 1. Initial Processing (1) > Matching (2) > Custom (3) and make sure to


  • deselect Use capture time
  • enable Use triangulation of image geolocation
  • enable use Distance and add a factor 5 in the Relative distance between consecutive images