Image Geo-location Errors in Processing

Have been experiencing issues in image placement upon upload to Pix4D. EXIF data from the images reads in the correctly, coordinate systems have been selected appropriately for the area being imaged but when loading the images into Pix4D this is the result. When the images are processed in this fashion the product is inverted. Is this a drone issue or is there something off in Pix4D’s settings or processing?

Hi Y2 UAV,

Are you using a DJI Mavic 2?

You should have a look on this post. Some users have experienced the same issue and Blaž proposed a workaround in the official comment:

Pix4D Mavic 2 Processing Issues

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We are. I tried the work around proposed by Blaz and went with EXIF data taken from the images as the geolocation data. Still running into the issue with inversion of the point cloud and some other general weirdness with the location of the cameras. 

I have attached clips of the issues below. 

Please advise


This is indeed an unexpected behavior.
From what we can see on your screenshots, it seems that there is a revert that somehow created this very confusing camera pattern.
I would first suggest you to ensure that you have chosen the correct format for latitude and longitude when you have imported your images:

If it does not help, could please upload your data set in the cloud so we can have a look and try to find a workaround for your issue?

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We recently uploaded some of the problem dataset to the cloud and processed it. The data is stored in our account under the project name: Project-2018-12-19. We recently ran the data without the EXIF data ripped from the source images and were able to generate a point cloud that appears to have the correct orientation but with a different issue with image location. 

Please advise, 

Hi Y2 UAV,

Have you tried the workaround proposed by Blaž?

Using your images and the method that extract the GPS latitude, longitude and altitude using BR`s EXIFExtracter I managed to get your images in the right place:

Here is the *.csv file that should be loaded for images geolocation:


Let me know if you have any further questions.