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Mavic 2 Incorrect Geotag

The location of the Mavic 2 geotags does not reflect where the image was captured in XY and Z.DJI has acknowledged this bug and has announced a fix in the next firmware in the forum discussion below. Any Pix4D users who have found an immediate workaround or have new information regarding this issue feel free to post here. 

Thank you holden. While the Mavic 2 pro is having an altitude issue. Their Latitude and Longitudes are still correct. When i convert the Lat-Long to decimal, given to me by the Mavic 2, it puts it into the correct position only the altitude is off. When Pix4d converts it to decimal, which i see in the Image property editor,  is is off by a huge amount of feet. Please see the bottom of the DJI tread that you asked me to look at Holden. My coworker “Glitchy” posted the screen cap. It looks that DJI is having trouble with the X while pix4d is having trouble converting the X & Y.

Maybe it might be something that Pix4d can get started on while we wait for the firmware update by DJI. Seems to be a lot of people waiting for this for not only recreational purposes but commercial as well.



Hey Jason. Thanks for the response. your experience is the same as mine with regard to the XY issue. I’m going to keep looking into it to see if there is something we can implement on our side. 

In my experience, the geo tags were offset in the Y by 6-8 city blocks south. The error is right in the images. if i bring the images directly into Google Earth, they appear in that offset spot. I did not really look at the altitude. I eventually exported the image information from Pix4D Desktop, opened it with excel, applied the same offset to all the Y values, the imported that back to Pix4D.

Sucks in a big way but works and seem repeatable until the problem is fixed. Since the drone appears in the correct location on the phone/controller and returns to home relatively fine, I’m guessing somebody coded the conversion from decimal to DMS incorrectly for the photo EXIF metadata.

just some food for thought.

my coworker has another post going and spells it out clearly dealing with the lat longs that we are experiencing.



Any feedback from DJI?

Having the same problem

Hi all,

As there is another post with the same issue, I close this one for comments.

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