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Mavic 2 Pro Incorrect Altitude

Due to an issue with the DJI Mavic 2 firmware, the elevation information is sometimes not correctly written to the image EXIF metadata. The result is that the altitude values loaded into a new project in Pix4D mapper can be incorrectly read and show as 1.5 meters. This will lead to the resulting model having incorrect elevation information if there are no GCPs to correct the image geotags.

A simple solution is to edit the altitudes manually before processing step 1. This can be done for projects where the drone did not have a significant change in flight altitude during the flight (no terrain following or manual flight). Follow the instructions below to use this solution. 

  1. Determine the actual approximate flight altitude. To find the altitude you need to review the image metadata tag “GPS Altitude”. If you do not have an image metadata viewer you can download ExifTool HERE. To use this tool download and then drag an image from the project onto the ExifTool icon.
  2. Once you have the approximate flight altitude then follow the instructions below to edit the altitude values in the Pix4D Image Properties Editor.   

      1. Right-click one cell of the column.
      2. Click  Edit All Altitudes
      3. Type the new value.
      4. Press Enter or click outside the cell.

  1. Proceed to Process Step 1.

If you want to extract the data from each image then you will need to follow the workflow described by Blaz in the community post HERE