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GPS Exif coordinates error

Hello all,

I’m trying to import photos from my Mavic Air, but I’m getting errors with the GPS coordinates data.

For example, If we analyze the DJI_0211 file, the GPS decimal coordinates are: -37.566213086226185 x -11.359549329079364 but Pix4D is showing: -37.54916957 x -11.34250581. This is a huge difference.

This is the Exif data:

I could never get -11.34… coordinates since 21 / 60 = 0.35, so the minimum latitude value should be -11.35…

Would you know why is it happening?

Thank you!


Olá Diego,

I think that you are experiencing the same issue than other users that has been already recognized for Mavic 2 Pro.
I would suggest you to read this post and try the workaround (the official comment) proposed by Blaž:


](/t/7215)If you have further concerns, please let us know.