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Mavic 2 Pro image geolocation

Has anyone else had problems importing images from a Mavic 2 Pro. (WGS84 input)

Pix4D seems to have incorrectly converted the degee/minutes/seconds info to decimal degrees.


First Image Example;

RAW                 LAT -26; 37; 36.1553469857170     LONG 120; 14; 26.266025085700    ALT  478.8

CONVERTED   LAT -26.62671                                 LONG 120.240629                            ALT 478.8

PIX4D               LAT -26.6096662975913                 LONG 120.240629451413                ALT 474.799987792969


As you can see only the latitude is incorrectly converted.

Hi Blackham,

I think that you should have a look on this post. It should help you to solve your issue:


A workaround is proposed in the second comment (“Official comment”).