Computed camera position seems to be off


I’ve been processing my field data and have come across a problem with processing one of my flights. When I complete the 1. Stage processing and rerun after adding my GCPs, its doesn’t calculate the camera position correctly. The elevations do not match what they should be like. And I get a weird warped, boat-like return. When I run it on full processing its much more warped than on the rapid processing. Is there something I am doing wrong? I’m still pretty new at processing this data. I’m using verson 3.2.23. I’ve processed multiple flights flown by my Mavic Pro 2. This flight was flown with a Phantom 3 Pro. I am going to be merging these different flights into one larger one and want to make sure everything is correct before I start that process. I’d appreciate any help on this, maybe someone else has had experience with this?
Thanks, Melanie


Hi Mélanie, @mbcallihan,

There is some known issues with the Mavic Pro 2.

There has been some fix for it in later Pix4Dmapper versions:

The Mavic 2 Pro camera ha sbeen added in the 4.3.31 version and fixed in the 4.4.9 version.

Could you provide us the quality report of your project in your reply?

I would also recommend you to have a look on this topic:

Let me know if you managed to get a proper project.