GPS camera position vs calculated camera position (off)


I’m testing Pix4D mapper, we flight a Phantom DJI 3 over a large site and producing over 1000 pictures, part of them camera looking straight down (90) but the most part with the camera at 45 since the main purpose was the pointcloud.

My problem is with 6 pictures positions which after the processing are calculated badly

My understanding is that the blue camera are the GPS positioned camera (and they look good, 45 tilted and in line with the flight plan) and the green camera are the processed and recalculated positions, and they’re off, looking straight ahead in an impossible position.

I proceed to uncalibrate and manually recalibrate these pictures creating manuals tie points, but after the “remarch and optimize” they came back like this once again.

Any thoughts?



Hey Eric,

 Try changing the calibration option, which is under Calibration/Calibration Method/internal parameters optimization and select all prior. 

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Thanks Selim, it worked!

Hey Eric,

No worries, I am glad it worked.