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GPS Vs Calculated locations

Hi everyone,
Sorry to bother, but I have been having some recent issues with processing. This is new. As you can see in the attached photo, my flight vs calculated position is WAY off. I can not figure out what is causing this. ANY THOUGHTS?

I set up this particular job several times, using all the correct and recommended parameters. Sometimes it works out great, other times it looks like this. WHY?

If I push past this and process the flight, it is perfectly geolocated on a horizontal plane.
Can this be trusted for topography?

I am new at this and still doing lots of training. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

Hi Joe,

This could be caused due to the incorrect choice of the image vertical coordinate system.
Can you please share with us the quality report and also the image/GCP/Output horizontal and vertical coordinate systems?


Hi Nikoleta,
Thank you for the help. The website is only allowing me to put one image in the post. I apologize

for spamming you.

Hi Joe,

Can you please try the following because I suspect that the Vertical Coordinate System of your images is not defined correctly:

  • Go to the menu bar and select Project> Image Properties Editor

  • In the Image Geolocation section select Edit as shown below

  • Enable the Advanced Coordinate options and select the Geoid Height Above WGS 84 Ellipsoid and reprocess all steps