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Geo-location of Cameras

Dear All

I am gonna ask a little stupid question here.

When processing my images I have both gps log that I can use fro geolocation and I also have GCPs. My intent is to build DSM for stockpiles and mined pit. Hence accuracy is of the essence here. But when running initial process with geolocation, the elevation in the GPS log is = Ground Elevation + Flight altitude above ground. How does this get corrected? Should I perhaps edit the flight log to adjust fro flight altitude? But then if a plan to fly 1200 feet above ground, the aircraft is not maintaining that exactly, therefore correcting the gps log may not make much sense.

Kind regards


A staff member will probably explain this in more detail, but Pix4D moves your model to match the GCP positions.   You do not need to manually edit the flight log for the model to have the correct Z values.  

Hi Ryan


Thanks for that, it helps.