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Photo GPS postion error during mapping survey capture.

Photo GPS postion error during mapping survey capture. | DJI Mavic Drone Forum

My drone is a Mavic 2 pro and I am not sure this is a drone issue or a Pix4D Pro processing issue.


I have done two flights at this same site and it has resulted in both flights having a number of the photos becoming a long way out from the actual GPS position they were taken at. The first flight grid was using the Pix4Dcapture app, and the second flight was using a similar gird flight plan using Litchi, and both had photos at this same location incorrectly GPS tagged and positioned around the same incorrect location.

This is now the second incident of similar error, except the one previously had all the photos GPS tagged and grouped within the same location, but the location was about 3 kilometer away from the actual site we flew at. Both sites we had done a compass calibration before flying.

The first screen shot is a map survey done in Thailand which we did two captures with same results, and the second is an orbit capture of a tower in Australia.

Has anyone had similar issues and know why this is happening and with any suggestions how to fix this?






Hi John,

This could be related to the firmware of the drone.

You should have a look on this post. Some users have experienced the same issue and Blaž proposed a workaround in the official comment:

Pix4D Mavic 2 Processing Issues

Hope this will help,

Thanks for the help Marco. yes looks like same issue for sure.  I will also check and follow up with DJI.