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Geolocation Error

We use phantom 4 pro for data acquisition and Pix4D for data processing. As we processed the image on step wise there was 100 Meters displacement between two adjacent resulted ortho images as shown in the image below. When we re-checked the geotaging info of images it correctly overlayed over project area(black line was the project area where imgaes were exactly placed). It was found that Pix4D was altering the geolocation of photos after initial processing. What to do ?


A similar error has already been reported for the Mavic Pro 2 and it appeared when they updated their firmware. This error is related to how the EXIF files are written and how Pix4D does read them.

You should have a look on this post. Blaž proposed two workarounds in the official comment:
Pix4D Mavic 2 Processing Issues

Could you try one of them and let us know if it solved your issue? 

If it does not help, could you please share with us your data set so I can further investigate the origin of this shift?
You can upload your files (*.pd4, images; Quality Report, *.log) here:
One drive

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Hi Marco,

Same problem continues even after EXIF data was uploaded to PiX4D, separately using external exif extracter application. I have uploaded sample images and required files for your reference. Kindly help us to resolve this problem ?


I have noticed looking at your quality report that there is a curved pattern between initial and computed image positions:

In order to correct this, I recommend you to select “Linear Rolling Shutter” for the Shutter model in the Camera Model edition window:

But this should not correct the displacement issue you are facing.
In order to reproduce your issue and to find a workaround, could you please update in the same drive all the images from the project?

Thank you,


I had corrected this problem by changing some options while initial processing. But it delayed the entire project time because of this issue,please try to find the issues/bug rather finding workaround. Thank You !


I was using DJI PHANTOM 4 Pro drone and Pix4d Capture for data acquisition, I find that distance between two frontal images was different for adjacent missions(Linear Project) even though i had maintained same overlap %(i.e 80%) say, 1st mission 20m and 2nd mission 13m. Could you help to find this ?. Thank You…!


In case that you notice bending in the scene, you can also use All Prior camera optimization option together with the linear rolling shutter algorithm. 

As for the differences in the distances between images in different missions, did you use the same settings (height, speed)?

As we doing liner project, we use the same setting from continue’s missions…


Depending on the settings and on the type/shape/size you draw, this behavior may occur but the calculations will always be done so that the overlap will be at least the one you defined.

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