Issue after calibrating images


After uploading images to the project and calibrating it seems to move the images really far away from where they are supposed to be. The position of the cameras initial image is perfectly fine and this project is made of 1300 images. the rest are fine its just this corner of the job I have isolated that seems not to be calibrating properly.

Not sure on where to start to fix this.

Using A mavic 3 enterprise that was using a ntrip corrections. 99.9% fix

Hi joel
Can you try the accurate geolocation and orientation pipeline? It should fix this problem.


i also tried this and re calibrated however data still seems to be wrong. again its only in this area and I dont understand why as it was all done in 1 mission with rtk fix

note the cameras are now in the right location however the data is still incorrect as the land does not slope in the direction that the screenshot shows

thank you for the fast reply

Hi Joel,

Could you post your quality report and we can take a deeper look.