Pix4D 3D image slanted, angles incorrect. calibration error?

Hello, recently I am having troubles with the Double grid feature, or possibly a calibration issue. Whenever I create a 3D image I am getting a slant.

As the angle of the roof is important for our work I’d need to rendered correctly. What am I doing wrong?

ML David

Hi David

Are you using GCP’s or RTK-capable drone? And could you share the quality report?

Hey Jaaklo thank you for your reply
249162-Project-2023-11-09T16_31_06.729Z_report.pdf (2.3 MB)
I am using a Mavic Pro 2. Does that help?

I think that the camera parameters are a bit off
So change the ‘Internal Parameters Optimization’ to ‘All Prior’ then reprocess the project and the slant should dissappear. Let me know if it works.

Sorry, where do I have these options, I work with the Pix4D clour and the capture app.

Oh sorry thought you were processing on desktop (pix4dmapper). I don’t think you can change these option on cloud except if you create project on your pix4dmapper and upload that project to the cloud.

If you can share the dataset I could process your project and see if I can fix that slant.