Red Tie Points Occurred Mid Processing


I have used pix4d for several projects and have not run into this issue until now. Initially after processing, both tie points and point clouds were appearing red. I double checked for GPU driver updates and restarted my computer, and this seemed to have fixed the point clouds being red, however the tie points are still red. Any ideas on why this is happening? Thanks.


From our experience, this can happen if files in the results folder were manually removed or modified, e.g. in the folder 1_initial.
Normally, if you create the project from scratch it should not produce red Automatic Tie Points (ATPs) anymore.

If this does not resolve the issue please respond with the log file and quality report for your project to help troubleshoot further.


They just appeared to me too…

I’m pretty sure the driver are OK, we use Pix4D a lot and other projects don’t have this.
This seems to have happened after I manually calibrated a few images and clicked “rematch and reoptimize”)

Hi @Daniel_Moller,

May I ask if there were a lot of images uncalibrated?
Do you by any chance have the quality report before trying to calibrate the uncalibrated images?