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error in tie points

I had completed my initial processing using Standard Calibration method. After completion of initial, some part of tie points looks red in color. What may be the reason for it? Anyone please Explain about it.


Please make sure that the GPU drivers are updated. 
If this does not help, we need to further investigate: Does it happen only with this project? Do you have the same behavior after closing and reopening the project?  Which version are you using?

Thank you very much.


Yes I’m having updated GPU drivers. It happens in only one project. Eventhough after closing and reopening the project it doesn’t work. I am using pix4d 4.3.31 version.


Hi again,

I would suggest you open a support ticket to be able to have a closer look.

We would need several files to analyse what is going on and it is better to exchange them via support ticket.

Thank you very much.