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Red tie points

Hi there

Could someone shed some light on why all these Red tie points have appeared on this model?Even when I turn off GCP’s /MTP’s they are still on the screen.



regards Jas





Hi Jason,

Please make sure that the GPU drivers are updated. 
If this does not help, we need to further investigate: Does it happen only with this project? Do you have the same behavior after closing and reopening the project? 

@Jason please reply directly here and avoid creating a new post for the same question so that we can better assist you.

I have copied your reply here and let us know when you check the GPU. 

"Hi Christina

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Yes it does happen after closing and reopening the project. This is the only job it has occurred in.

Just a little history of the project. It contains 1849 photo’s from 10 separate flights at 80m AGL using a PPK/RTK Topodrone 4 scight_._

I’ll have a look at the status of the GPU drivers.





There is another thread with the same issue here.