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All of my tie points are black. Along with Point Cloud and Triangle mesh. Started happening last week and cant find a fix.

Hi Kyle,

The first thing to try is upgrading your GPU drivers. Let us know if this did the trick :slight_smile:

It didnt. Although there was an update for it. 

This is very weird! I have never seen it before!

I believe it is a visualization issue and not due to corrupted files.

Please try to open the files in other software (Quick Terrain Reader for example for the point cloud and Meshlab for the mesh). Let us know if you can see them correctly. 

Which version of Pix4Dmapper are you using?


I’m using Version 4.1.10. My company just bought a subscription 2 days ago and now we cant process any of our sites. Im reprocessing from the beginning right now. I’ll try opening them in a different program right now and get back to you.


It seems to open fine in quick terrain reader. 

You might want to drop down to the official release, 4.0.25, as I haven’t seen this in any current projects with that version.  Also try opening the outputs in CloudCompare as that is my go-to viewer and it is free.

I will have a processing computer freed up later in the week if you want to see it ran on a different hardware configuration, shoot me an email at

here is another screen shot showing that my driver is up to date. 

Ouch…Quadro M5000 for $1,800 and half the performance of GTX 1080Ti at $800.

But that shouldn’t be the problem…and expect bugs in Preview versions.

Can you also see the colors RGB in quick terrain reader?

No i cant see RGB colors in quick terrain reader either. 

Hi Kyle,

Please try the RGB option in QTR:


Can you see the colors? 

Yea thats what i was trying, the tie points just went a different color white. 

Hi Kyle,

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

I ll contact you via our ticketing system to ask you to send us the file. I would like to see it to further investigate.