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Survey on Large Area with 8000 images

Hi Guys

I am doing survey to get DTM DSM and Ortho results of an 1000Ha / 10km2, and I got around 8000 images from at 200m flight, overlap 80% front lap 70% settings, it using Matrice 210 RTK, with 4 GCP’s.
Had completed all area with around large 15 to 17 numbers of missions. with larger flight areas changing multiple batteries.

But now the main question is in processing stage. I am wondering how many days or hours would it take to do the initial processing step 1 and so on. I have dell laptop with Model XPS 15 9570, i7 8750H CPU @2.20GHz hexa core, 16GB RAM. I have started process with all the images without doing subprojects, and I don’t know if it is bad or good idea. As I read through some large projects and surveys people are saying it is better to divide into small projects and process start step 1 and merge all projects later. However I have no time to divide and distinguish/classify all those missions and images.

I am trying to obtaon as accurate result as possible, and I personally believe rapid and normal processing differs in final quality result.

If you have any comments or suggestions please reply thanks



Maybe this community thread will help you: how long does it to process 8000 pictures?


Hi Teodora

Thanks for the reply, I have processed the above mentioned project, separated the project into 2, processed 3000 by 3000 images. (Merged the project, +GCP’s has been inserted, added at least 3 MTP’s on mission intersections, did re optimization process after) However I am experiencing major issue related to ray-cloud images, number of images meta data blue clouds seem to be very low and others are aligning with the green cloud which looks very odd. And there are 2 sections on my project area that are not connected on the ground even though I have connected them with MTP and GCP’s nearby before re optimization process.

I have attached some photos for your references, I believe you can examine those images and give me some response.

I am in a bad position since we are on the brink of loosing one contract and we are facing very odd difficulties related to processing.

I would need your urgent support on this issue thanks.


Merge F for GCP_report.pdf (1.0 MB)

Here is the Quality report

Hi @ganerdene.qc,

Thank you for all the details. We also noticed that you contacted the Support Team directly.

Therefore, we will be in contact with you via email. Yet, as soon as we solve the problem, we will share the insights here on the Community as well.

Hi Beata

Thanks for the concern and support, I have modified my projects GCP’s and MTP’s selected as much images as possible and started reoptimizing process again. Waiting for the issue to fix hope it will be resolved.