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how long does it to process 8000 pictures?

I need to do a mapping of 15km2 soon. I want to buy the largest Macbook Pro for this project. Does anybody know how long it takes to process the 8000 pictures in Pix4D?

this are the specs of the macbook:

2,9‑GHz quad‑core Intel Core i7‑processor, Turbo Boost till 3,8 GHz


Radeon Pro 460 wist 4 GB geheugen

Hello Karin,

Your project is a big project and you would need a quite powerful machine. 

The processor is powerful and having an SSD reduces processing time, especially during step 3. You do not mention the amount of RAM available, but we would recommend you to have at least 32 GB for such a big project. 

If you plan to use a Mac device, please keep in mind that you will not take advantage of the GPU processing, which is not implemented in the OS X version. GPU processing takes place in steps 1 and 2 (less) if an Nvidia GPU is available and it can reduce processing time. For more information:

Also, if a Mac device is used, it is recommended to reboot the machine before processing so as to reset the available amount of RAM used for processing. 

In general, independently of the machine used, we would recommend you to split the project into sub projects of 3000 images, process step 1 and then merge them again. Step 1 is demanding and this way you can make sure that processing is efficient. Steps 2 and 3 handle better the resources and it will be possible to process the merged project if you have a powerful machine. 

Best regards,


I had 3000 images (about 6mb a piece) from beginning to end it took me nearly 12 hours.

This is with the following specs:

i7 5930k

m.2. pcie ssd 512gb

950 pro ssd 1TB

32GB of RAM

NVIDIA 980ti


Thanks a lot!